A Month Into His Job And Joe Biden Already Plans On Destroying The Economy

Written by Sid Phyllis

It remains a gigantic shame that since President Trump had his election unfairly stolen by new President Joe Biden, America has been on a crash course to hell, a crash course that will only go more deeper as Joe Biden and his Democrat party have been closer on passing a “stimulus” (read: more unnecessary government spending) that aims to give every American, and illegal non-American resident alien non-citizens a check for $1400 for no explicit reason. The Biden Regime claims that the check is for “Coronavirus Relief”, which seems very suspicious as the Coronavirus AKA COVID19 was already cured, ended and became extinct thanks to the Trump Administration. The only other possible explanation is that the Biden Regime is Phase II of the Obama Regime: a strong desire to end America as we know it from the inside out.

When Barack Hussein Obama was unfortunately President of the United States, his end-goal was to seek revenge on our much beloved country by tearing it apart on the inside out, instead of the outside-in as many failed enemies of the US have tried to do in the past like the United Kingdom, France, and Iraq. Obama started his plan by letting the homosexuals and the homowomen into our armies and government, areas they have traditional not been allowed into to preserve the sanctity of said institutions. Barack continued his evil plan by giving Kindergarteners condoms so they can freely create more democrats in 18ish years to overpopulate his political party over the GOP. And as for the economy, Obama made sure to add so much towards our federal deficit that moving America’s spending into profitability has made enough irreversible damage to potentially sink America’s freedom and GDP as far down as possibly being #2 by the end of the century to the new upcoming rival to America, China. All of these plans were calculated by Barack Obama and his evil empire of bureaucrats, lobbyists and PR experts to ensure that America would eventually fall to some other, impossibly greater challenger.

President Biden, who was the vice-president of Barack Obama, has so-far only continued what the evil Obama regime had started, but added a delightfully devilish addition towards furthering America’s unfortunate, preventable downfall: the addition of this “Rapid Response Covid Relief Bill”, which involves sending checks to Americans who may have never worked a day in their whole lives. America has already moved past COVID19 and all the tragedy and grief that may have come from it. Giving every American, including prospective Americans of an illegal status is not only massively unnecessary, it reinsures the fact that the Biden Administration simply does not care at all about fiscal responsibility, he’s bribing every American to vote for him and Kamala Harris again in 2024, that’s what all of this means.

While the Coronavirus hysteria remains a near-dead phenomenon, whatever is left of America will be on an uncharted course to destruction under the Democratic Party’s control. The sanctity of America’s values of fiscal unrecklessness and liberty are under direct assault every day in Biden’s America. Whether it comes from the supposed liberalization of the homowomen, political correctness, and/or using the immorberal mainstream media to back Biden’s bully pulpit madness, America is suffering in ways more worse than the Obama Regime, and we must find a way to defend ourselves from Biden Administration’s desires to tank America’s economy in ways that haven’t been seen since the New Deal. It’s not that we must find a way to defend ourselves against Biden’s boring, mostly useless rhetoric, but we must defend ourselves with education to know that everything Joe Biden does is wrong and that only with the reelection of President Trump can America save herself from the horrors that is the federal deficit.

Sid Phyllis is the Bullshit News correspondent in political/foreign affairs (other) and our White House Correspondent. Sid grew up in Chicago and got sick of living in the big city and moved into a rural blue-collar state where the real America is. Instead of going to some elite four-year college, he started a consulting firm in Wyoming (Donovan and Phyllis Firm, or DP Firm) that quickly became the #1 best firm in the state. Sid joined Bullshit News for his qualifications in understanding how the REAL Blue-Collar Americans think.