Who Are The Millennials That Will Inevitably Destroy America From The Inside Out?

Written by Mortimer E. Wallacaster

America has many epidemics: opioids, abortions, and horrific public education. But all of these atrocities dramatically affect America’s newest Baby Boomers, The Millennials. These millennials are destined to be the most entitled and obnoxious generation ever. Millenials are so lackluster as a generation that even the mainstream media always picks up on their shenanigans. If the lying liberal media even know that correctly (much like a broken clock working twice a day), they must be an epidemic amongst themselves, a great threat to our countries future.

These “millennials” will rule the country in a couple of decades. The America they will get will likely be far too bureaucratic and liberal to save. No laws will pass, the debt crushes them with more intensity than their college debt, and their social media will blind them all to the state of some kind of techno-fascism lead by algorithms and the Department of Defense all dedicated to coding. With too many people coding, no one will be in the military to defend our country and drop our freedom-loving bombs. The pussification complex of the millennials will be our countries undoing. But yes, keep on “snapchatting” millennials, you too will ruin this country much like your parents and their parent’s parents, but NOT their parents’ parents parents or their parents’ parents parents parents like myself. We built this country right: to prevent the communists or the Germans from invading ever again.

That is why President Trump is such a gift to our society, he’s a high energy businessman only 33 years my junior. He whips the youngins into shape, a man so filled with fertility that he can have multiple minds at once working in the White House. These millennials will never find the dedicated time to run the White House as effectively as President Trump has. Millennials are to busy on their phones prostituting themselves for fame and glory, things politics and the White House are not meant for. It is a serious institution that requires some of the brightest minds in our country, and liberals with sinister intentions in the Democrat Party. The threshold for an IQ to work in politics will dramatically drop once the millennials are of voting age, and will continue to plummet like Hillary Clinton when they are able to run for office. We are approaching a crisis by allowing the Instagrammers and programmers to run, and this will rip the fabric of our Democracy faster than the Obama regime.

These millennials invent fads and trends to distract themselves from their inevitable role to defend and protect our nation with responsibility. They do not want to focus and start a family, at least not seriously. They are a generation poorly adapt at properly defending themselves with firearms, and are physically weaker compared to other generations. Millennials cannot work in matters pertaining to special operations or counter-intelligence works, because they will share all of the confidential high-security clearance information on the social media, exposing valuable information that can endanger our nation’s security. There will simply be too many epidemics and wars that distracted millennials will never be fully prepared to tackle on each one. Millennials will initiate the apocalypse.

While the millennials worry about their problems that they believe can be solved by using Facebook instead of being a productive worker for the economy, our nation will not get any greater after Trump’s terms end. We can make America great again, but the millennials will tear down everything our beloved President stands for once they are in office. America may be doomed when I’m gone, but we can at least live the glory years today. Until the millennials have to deal with real powers and responsibility, America will be just fine.

Mortimer E. Wallacaster is the Bullshit News correspondent on history and contemporary cultural matters. He is a retired risk analyst from Goldman Sachs, and is loving retirement and every minute of it! Born under a full moon on June 26th, 1913, Mortimer has lived through two World Wars, and the Middle East thing that’s been happening over the years. Mortimer was once a minor league pitcher for the Boston Beaneaters and threw 47 complete games in a month allowing only nine earned runs.


Ireland: A Wretched Cesspool That Endorses Abortions

Written by Roger Goodmen

A long time ago, the Irish were mistreated in America for nonsensical reasons. Today, they deserve the scorn and contempt from the United States of America. Ireland recently voted to repeal their 8th Amendment, which also involves cruel and unusual punishment: a noble and righteous ban on abortion, or the intentional termination of a baby human. Bullshit News has previously discussed a neutral conversation regarding the practice of an “abortion”. And what Ireland has voted for will be a tragic shame for their generation to bear.

Ireland has long been America’s ally because of their role in the United Kingdom as the “black sheep” despite the population being 93% non-Hispanic white. The point being Ireland was peasant land and always desired the delicious taste of American liberty and freedom it could not have. Eventually, they became a democracy but were still owned by the English, which might not be the case anymore soon when Brexit occurs. But even with a Brexit outcome leading to Ireland’s alleged liberty, their permission of abortion being enabled upon the women is a threat to all of the potential children Ireland deserves. If Ireland allowed abortions by the time of their Great Famine (pick a famine any famine), their country would cease to exist. The 8th Amendment was one of the most important amendments Ireland ever had, it’s right in their Bill of Rights! Ireland’s liberty is under assault, from the hands of their own people that allowed atrocious legislation to pass.

Women deserve the freedom to have their child without any harm from outside interests. Every child is a special gift from God gift-wrapped inside a magical woman body. The baby is a special covenant from the Lord and is not meant to be altered or terminated, and doing so would violate a woman’s liberty. If women were given the right to vote in Ireland, they would not have passed such an evil repeal to one of the most fundamental rights in their so-called “democracy”. It’s no wonder how backward Ireland is when women are treated like they live in Iran.

There’s a good reason why Ireland is an afterthought in the United Kingdom, and the repeal is just one of the many, many reasons why. Ireland is the “little train that could” but never can, the Charlie Brown, the Glass Joe, the inferiority complex of a country that cannot muster the mental toughness to be a strong, fearful nation. The women of Ireland should all rise up and demand their rights to enjoy having a child without having to deal with the burden of their tyrannical government to choose whether or not their child lives or dies.

The one good thing Ireland produces is alcohol, and they will be needing tons of it for their upcoming political crisis. When all the women rise up and demand to be treated equally, the revolution will be bloody. If this repeal failed, all the needless bloodshed would not be possible. But with the legality of abortion, the permission to allow more needless baby deaths, there is more bloodshed from that action than in any single war. People of Ireland: it is about time to reconsider how your government should legislate your own people.

Roger Goodmen is an intern for Bullshitnews.org. He is a recent graduate of George Mason University who double majored in Political Science and Economics. Roger is a person of color and is not afraid of living in liberal reality with his hardcore anti-establishment conservative bully pulpit. He currently lives in an apartment near GMU with his feline-of-color cat named Carlos.

There Are Not Nearly Enough Guns In The United States

Written by Dr. Steven T. Clements, Esq

By common law, it is a fact that the United States’ #1 hobby involves hunting. All forms of hunting involve a firearm, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the United States of America’s constitution. If the 2nd Amendment wasn’t important, it wouldn’t be #2. But America is facing a tragedy once again, as gun sales have declined over the past six months because of mainstream media liberal outrage. The liberals claim to support the 2nd Amendment, but demand “universal background checks”, a dog-whistle word for socialism. This is a national outrage that demands more media recognition, but of course, you won’t find any coverage of this issue except on Bullshit News. Let’s dive deep into it:

As discussed before on this website, teachers are not properly armed to defend themselves in case ISIS busts open their English class door and force children to start speaking in Islam. We refuse to teach children about firearm safety and protocol to defend themselves from communist ISIS intrusion. If America’s children can’t learn to defend themselves from birth to death, how can they guarantee their own safety? Parents can only do so much by purchasing firearms for every member of their family, including pets, but they can’t do everything. That’s why teachers ought to teach children on the use of firearms starting around pre-kindergarten, or kindergarten for the more “slower” kids. As every kid learns from the James Bond movies, the only way to stop an alleged “bad person with a gun” is a good person with a gun, which happens to be almost every American who has a gun.

We reached out to the NRA for a quote, but they did not respond for comment:


Clearly, the NRA is working very hard to keep fighting the good fight. But perhaps the NRA doesn’t want to confront the fact that gun sales are declining, but rather trying to reinvent guns and appeal them to a younger or different demographic. The secretive nature of the NRA makes many liberals upset because they cannot process logic, unlike a noble conservative institution like Bullshit News or The Rush Limbaugh Show. As an experienced doctor and lawyer, I am an expert in critical thought, and it should be obvious the NRA is in deep thought over this sensitive issue of gun sales. My best thoughts and prayers are with the NRA in this tragic time. They should have an answer to the nation soon enough.

I looked for answers outside of the NRA, but college libraries in my nearby vicinity have barred me because of my “white privilege”. I do not understand how other common everyday Americans are not outraged by the fact they are not armed to defend themselves or concerned about the decline in gun sales. Instead, they talked about Santa Fe, New Mexico for some reason, which I refuse to believe is a U.S territory or state. These “people” are clearly part of the problem, and they can solve this problem by adequately defending themselves with a handgun. Remember, there may be bad people with guns (and their intentions are probably not related to the gun), but with enough good people with guns can outmatch and outduel all the alleged “bad people with guns”. There are no bad people with guns, only criminals. And criminals are not people, as President Trump uttered yesterday. So who are the bad people with guns? An urban fiction.

“Universal Background Checks” are precisely what the Stasi used to reclaim Germany as a communist state. But eventually, they failed, just as Democrats ordinarily do. The UBC’s are a threat to our national epidemic on the lack of guns per American citizen, and if the liberals keep complaining their way, it’s possible for these so-called “Universal Background Checks” to become more recognized as a form of gun censorship. These acts are not just against nature, but the First and Second Amendment of our God-fearing country. These are acts of malice waiting to happen, and we don’t have the research to know whether or not UBC’s will lead to fewer guns in our society. But the fewer people have access to guns, the more dangerous people become. You cannot deprive people of their basic human liberty to defend themselves. But because liberals are not people, they do not have the emotions to empathize with a passionate American who loves the Second Amendment just as liberals love running the government to the ground with budget deficits and needless taxing.

As we approach a national epidemic of a possible decline in gun sales, let us purchase as many firearms as we are able to for this and next week so we can do our best to make our country better prepared for terrorist acts of Godless Islamic Communism. Our founding fathers did not invent a constitution to submit themselves to the United Kingdom and their monarchic oppression. It has long been a national pastime to own a gun, and we can’t let liberals take what most Americans love. If we let liberals get away with “Universal Background Checks”, they will start to pry away at other freedoms until America becomes a communist nation, precisely what Barack Hussein Obama wanted to leave as his legacy.

Dr. Steven T. Clements, Esquire is Bullshit News’s legal scholar and property management expert witness for a side-gig. He spent a long time in college and law school to be properly educated about serious subjects like tax codes and property law related subjects like privacy. After law school, he decided he wanted to learn more about life and became a doctor. He is a lifelong member of the Federalist Society and the National Rifle Association.

Solving The Israel/Palestine Thing

Written by Pastor John Mathewson

Today marks the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s existence, as well as the official move of their embassy from Tel Aviv (a place) to Jerusalem, the holiest site on Earth where Jesus Christ of Nazareth roamed in the most important time of his life. Israel, in many ways, is America Jr. Israel is particularly strong in their liberty to freedom ratio and they dislike the evil scourge of Godless Islamic Atheism and liberalism on our planet. The president of Israel and the King Elder of Zion is Benjamin Netanyahu, often called “Bibi” by Israelis because he looks too much like a rabbit. Netanyahu is a strong supporter of Donald Trump, so he’s good for every God-fearing American Christian as well. Palestine, Israel’s neighbor, is the drug-addled Bullwinkle to Israel’s Rocky.

Israel is an important ally for America because they are the only country in the Middle East with a strong liberty to freedom ratio, and for helping assist American military technology with their Jewish physics. With the United States embassy’s move to Jerusalem, we Christians are better prepared for the end of the world, for the Bible in the book of Exodus states:

….And only when all those with traces of Judaism inside them fulfill all 613 commandments…. When the Jewish people have a modern nation-state that values capitalism, abhors socialism (communism), disavowal of Godless Islamic Atheism that heathen and burden society, and an embassy to the United States is in Jerusalem (Yerushalayim), only then can the end of times be saved by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

(Exodus: 17:8-9)

So it is important for America to give military money to Israel, or tzedakah as the Jews call it. They are an ally that will forever have our back, and they charge us low-interest while we pay them. President Donald Trump did an important thing to enable these change of events, as the Islam-sympathizing Barack Hussein Obama regime would never allow Israel to pioneer freedom across the Middle East. Obama wanted Israel to be communist and equally distribute its liberty all across the Middle East, a batshit insane idea from the man who wanted all children in America to learn how to wear condoms and smoke crack at the same time, you know, “for experience”. But Donald Trump endorsed and helped make the Jerusalem embassy exist, as the Bible intended. Now Christians everywhere do not need to fear rapture when it comes soon, for they will be saved now. Unless they are a Catholic, then they will still have to apologize to God every week for being polytheists.

Israel, however, does and still has its fair share of problems, such as the fact they are completely surrounded by Godless Islamic Communist terrorist countries that do not believe in the morally positive values of liberty, freedom, and capitalism. But most importantly is that all of these countries are devoid of Jesus Christ, especially Israel. The biggest problem with Israel is that it’s a country filled with Jews, and Jewish people hate Jesus Christ because they are irrational God lovers. Jews are not to be trusted, would you trust someone who didn’t trust Jesus? Exactly.

So Israel has a complicated dilemma where they love America and liberty but hate the Godless Islamic Atheist Communist Heathens that surround them, and Jesus Christ. Israel has other problems as well, such as the Palestine issue and the Gaza thing. Palestine, and subsequently Gaza and its successful blonde sister, Mr. West Bank, are Israel’s closest neighbors that are neither Christian or Jewish. So naturally, they are an enemy of all freedom-loving peoples around the world. It’s hard to comprehend exactly what a “Palestine” is, but think of it as Mexico trying to kill Americans on a daily basis. They are the drug cartels of the Middle East, not well-loved by higher levels of the Godless Islamic Atheist Communist Terrorist spheres (Iran), and too good for the truly bottom tier terrorist countries (Anything that is not Iran, Saudi Arabia). If Palestine could just sell their pyramids to America, Israel or Belgium, they would appreciate capitalism for how it works rather than be lower class drug smugglers of the terrorist industry. But instead, Palestine will peddle for narcotics and other drugs and blame Israel for being pro-liberty and having a stronger military than theirs.

Israel is a mixed bag, with a strong share of positives over negatives. The Jews aren’t responsible for not loving Jesus Christ, but they are responsible for living in such an inhospitable land filled with countries ready to bomb America into submission should they ever try to steal American-Israeli intelligence. Israel is proof capitalism can work anywhere, even if you’re Christian or a non-believing Jew in the Middle East. Palestine should adopt more to capitalism and less communism if it wants to achieve legitimacy as a real big boy country. Palestine must cut down on doing drug deals like Venezuela or Peru, and start more aspirin companies or something to that effect.

But what Israel and Palestine both need to solve their ethnoreligious conflict is just one simple honest man: Jesus Christ. Jesus is the path to salvation and eternal glory, he’s God’s favorite child after all. We’re all made in his image, so why do both of these countries hit each other with weapons and instead look for common ground a bit more peacefully? Sure Israel likes to push and shove, but they’re well-intended. Palestine is an unorganized swarm of drug pushers and sleazy con artists that don’t aim to bomb Americans, just Israelis, Jews, and whoever in between. Israel should accept that Palestine is more of the reasonable aspects of terrorists, they only want to hurt the ones they don’t love, unlike most Godless Islamic Atheists. They have an ethos of some odd sort.

The senseless violence from both sides could just simply end if both of them just accepted Jesus Christ into their constitutions/livelihoods. The Palestinians can be sober, and the Jews can stop hitting things with Jesus involved in their peace process. He is there, fellow Jews and Palestinians, just accept him into your lives, and all this needless bloodshed can end and the parties can begin. And if not, you will be damned for an eternity. Christianity is knocking and sent invites to everyone, and Israel and Palestine better RSVP before the big man arrives.

Pastor John Mathewson is Bullshit News’s go-to Pastor and Religion Correspondent. He accepts people from every denomination and religion into his church, including Hindus, excluding Jews.