Net Neutrality: The Liberal Menace You Might Not Have Heard Before

Written by Aaron Lau

Net Neutrality is an Obama-created term used by liberals to justify bureaucratic government regulation to kill jobs and restrict the flow of information to our society. As an honorable writer from the earliest eras of Geocities, I believe this net neutrality myth is not good for America to keep going and we should all be proud that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is killing the Obama cancer that has infected our society. Thank you, Ajit Pai for making the Internet free again!

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Antifa Supersoldiers Are KILLING AMERICANS IN THEIR OWN HOME Over Americans Saying “Merry Christmas” Instead Of The Liberally-Correct “Happy Hollidays”

Written by Don Kaftan, Editor-in-Chief, and Founder

We have more depressing news today, little Timmy from Grand Forks, North Dakota was gunned down this morning from the anarchist and Democratic party faction called “Antifa”, which allegedly is short for “Anti-Fascist”. Antifa claims to be a “citizen’s organization dedicating to preparing for and fighting against fascism”. As usual with Democrats, they are hypocritical in their aims and really seek to take-over the state and replace it with fascism. Hmmm, this kind of story sounds familiar, does anyone remember how Stalin came into power from the USSR? He did the exact same thing these “Antifa” folks are doing. Sickening.

There is a specialized branch in Antifa, where they inject their best men/women/third rails with tons of anabolic Tom Brady-endorsed steroids and quaaludes to bulk their soldiers to become Supersoldiers, which I had to infer is comparable to the United States Marine Corps, only the Marines have honor, and Antifa seeks to destroy the state with Stalinesque intentions. In any case, Antifa is a terrorist organization and what they did to poor little Timmy from North Dakota is something that needs to be more magnified in our mainstream media, but they are suspiciously quiet about this story. Hmmm….

Lil Timmy, from a God-fearing Protestant household of five, had his home invaded by five or six of these so-called “Super Soldiers” and asked poor old lil’ Timmy if he would wish them a “Happy Holidays” (sic). Five-year-old Timmy, who can only think from exposure of the mainstream media and perhaps also from his mother, did wish the Antifa Super-soldiers a “Merry Christmas”, and poor old lil’ Timmy from Grand Forks, North Dakota was gunned down not a second later. He was rushed to the hospital but the doctors said he died just as soon as he went inside the ER. He was only 5 years old.

Antifa doesn’t care about you or your children, they want blood and they want to seek total control and abolition of the State, IE: OUR COUNTRY. Do not let the Antifa or their Ray Lewis ways of intimidation haunt you or change your political beliefs, that is exactly what they want. They are the American ISIS, and if you dare cross their beliefs, they’ll have their crosshairs on you. Be the God-fearing patriot that you are, and invoke the Second Amendment if need be. These Antifa maniacal bastards only their way to be the American way, and America cannot afford to become a terrorist state. We do not want Islam in America and these Antifa-Isis goons must be labeled as an extremist group from their liberal counterpart, the FBI, if we want to be a safe country that is tough on crime as the president wants it to be.

Antifa will find anyone they label as a “dissident” or a “fascist” with their flawed terminology, and their Supersoldiers are the ones that act with total malice. Find your local arms dealer via the NRA or other means of self-protection to counter these liberal coons, it’s your rights you are fighting for, not theirs.

Don Kaftan is the founder of  He specializes in Mainstream Media Criticism, Foreign Policy, and Presidential Administrations. Don Kaftan says Merry Christmas to all, and so should you.

Bastion Of Law And The Sacred Roy Moore Loses Election To Abortion-Endorser Gun-Stealer Democrat Doug Jones

Written by Dan Shapiro

It is with great displeasure that Bullshit News announces today that Roy Moore, former Alabama Attorney General, lost the Alabama Senate election to an ABORTION-SUPPORTING PLANNED PARENTHOOD JIHAD-FAVORING DEMOCRAT, Doug Jones. The people of Alabama have spoken, but have listened to the lies of the mainstream media and believed that hard-on-crime Roy Moore was a “pedophile”. Such cable propaganda hurts not just this election, but the Republican party. Roy Moore was only accused of pedophilia, and such accusations without evidence violate our nation’s prideful libel laws. Roy Moore ought to sue, but he knows what to do since he has 30+ years of legal expertise and analysis.

However, the Republican party still has a firm grip on the House, but their grasp of the Senate has taken a step back. Now is only the time for the Republican Party to push forward! We must be united through liberal backlash! We must move on and quickly from this election, we have a country to save. The liberals can take a Senate seat, but we will strike back with more power and money then the DUMB-O-CRATS can imagine.

Lastly, happy Hannukkah to all of our Jewish supporters. May you all find a time to find Jesus Christ in your life so you can be saved.

Dan Shapiro is the Bullshit News correspondent on Republican Party Politics and that Middle Eastern issue everyone blabbers about. Dan Shapiro went to Yale and graduate at the top of his class with his charming wit and intellectual knowledge about political issues. Dan Shapiro is best known to own liberals with his vast and mighty brain. He lives in New York City.