STUDY: New Senate Healthcare Bill Will Lower Obesity By 5.7 Million Americans

Written by Dr. John Henry Roberts

There is a lot of liberal controversy over the American Healthcare Act (otherwise known in the Senate as the “Better Care Reconciliation Act”) , the Republican healthcare bill designed to replace the failed Obamacare system with a superior successor designed to help more Americans by not paying for the unconstitutional individual mandate, as well as repealing many other aspects from the Obamabill. Many have chastised Senate Republican leadership over this bill by touting the commonly debunked Liberal myth that the American Healthcare Act will reduce the amount of insured Americans by 23 million over the period of ten years. What the lefties have failed to see is that Republicans have planned on ending the long-epidemic country that is the obesity epidemic.

It’s not a lie that American pants are getting bigger and bigger, it’s well documented that the Chinese and Indonesian governments that manufacturer 62% of American apparel have added MSG to our foods so that they can make more money and sell bigger pants. Mitch McConnell and his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, have seen through this, and aimed to make the American Healthcare Act to curb the ever-rising obesity epidemic in our country that only rivals Mexico for the fattest of the land. I have conducted a study that supports my hypothesis that as soon as the AHCA passes as intended, the obesity rate in this country will plummet. For security purposes, I cannot publish the study so please bear with me. My personal privacy is very important to me and I don’t want my research tainted by liberal scientific observers that stick their “hypotheses” to places it doesn’t belong.

Why is the Mainstream Media not supporting this aspect of the AHCA? Don’t liberals hate obesity and want it to end, or do they view obesity as a “human” attribute much like the queers? It’s hard to go inside the mentality of a liberal, because they have no brains! Haha, get it? Ben Carson told me that one a couple of years back. Good times, good times. Anyways…

Flattening the American obesity epidemic is a strong priority of the AHCA and the 115th United States Congress, and finally we can see some changes in this country unlike Obama and his standby obstructionism that has caused the strife political polarization in our country. It’s good to see the changes we wish to see in this country, going forward. Obesity has long been a problem to big to put down for Republicans. Liberals want to humanize these out-of-shape football players in expensive, tax-payer funded wheelchairs, to help their “mobility”. Pretty soon these same football player sized humans will demand their “mobile phones” for free too, but they already received those handouts from Obama a blue moon ago. Give up over-sized libs, your fight is over. Go home.

We can all afford to put down the ice cream sandwich, too. Spend this holiday season with your tax returns on a treadmill and not at Taco Bell.

Dr. John Henry Roberts is a doctor. He owns a Rhodesian Ridgeback named “Sparky”. His medical field specializes in head injuries/trauma. 

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