Confederate Monuments Are Our History And If You Disagree You’re An Ignorant Racist

Written by Mortimer E. Wallacaster

This country has a Civil War problem and a problem with our civility. The liberals refuse to acknowledge the Civil War being started as a state’s rights issue when Dred Scott was found guilty of being a free slave in a territory he was not free (see Dred Scott vs. Sandford for some liberal ownage). They also don’t mind the Southern states fighting for their state’s legal right to own property. Areas throughout the continental United States have many statues of leaders of the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson among other good men of noble character. These brave men dedicated their rights to one of the more underrated Amendments, #10 in this case. These monuments need to stay in an upright position for Americans to enjoy and acknowledge their history and for them to gaze at the statue in such a way that their back posture is fixed with the monuments being upright. The youth these days always have that arched humpback that harms their future. Teenage millennials, if you are reading this, fix your posture and trim those sideburns!

Liberals always complain about how slavery was demeaning and immoral, but where would we be today without the Civil War? We would become even more divided and would ruin the unique characteristics that make America great. Without slavery, America would never learn about the evils of racism. How could we teach our children that the black ones that grow up with them that this country was fought over the logistics of the 10th amendment? They don’t even know what amendment means! So liberals think children know what slavery really is, and say “slavery” started the war and not constitutional scholars literally fighting over interpretations of the 10th amendments and state’s rights. It’s a shame that the liberalization of public education has forced Blacks to accept an alternate history where they are routinely marginalized.

The corrosion of Black-American values from our public education has effectively put Black people in a worse place today than they have ever been since they were slaves in Haiti. Liberals have made black people feel accepted for being outside the American cultural norm, and have instituted the learning of “ebonics” in Oakland elementary schools. The liberals have popularized the rap music, which makes the blacks dance, swear profusely, celebrate their ancestry in America with chains of gold, and dangerous drug usage, among other degrading activities they feel obligated to do. Some blame segregation for this, but it really is a part of their urban folk music which harms the mind akin to lead poisoning. The liberals do this to them so they vote democrat, naturally.

But enough slave talk, let’s talk about those that fought bravely to defend their rights, which we should respect with the monuments. These brave men of the Confederacy risked their lives over an idea, similar to know-nothing wannabe “business leaders” in San Fagcisco call “a startup company”, and were martyrs for their cause. That is the true American story, almost to folkloric to be real but it was. We need monuments to celebrate this moment in American history where the American dream was put to the test and passed, well kind of. But it was good enough fable to teach our children in American History classrooms.

This is exactly why we need Confederate monuments: If we don’t remember history, we are doomed to repeat it. We need to learn that the Confederacy fought for their rights and they should be commemorated as such. It’s history, folklore, and if we don’t have monuments to celebrate their martyrdom, they will be reduced to an urban myth. People need to understand the Civil War, but outside their liberal classrooms and read a BOOK!

Mortimer E. Wallacaster is the Bullshit News correspondent on history and contemporary cultural matters. He is a retired risk analyst from Goldman Sachs, and is loving retirement and every minute of it! Born under a full moon on June 26th, 1913, Mortimer has lived through two World Wars, and the Middle East thing that’s been happening over the years. His centenarian mind and wisdom are a bright addition to the Bullshit News team.

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