Liberalism And The Dangers Of Extremist Rhetoric

Written by Don Kaftan, Editor-At-Chief

It is a travesty in this country that our current President of the United States and Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump has an uncommonly low approval rating according to the newest polls. Presidents should be admired and thoroughly respected as the strongest, most masculine leader of the free world whose job is to be the world’s biggest lobbyist for democracy. Preaching freedom every day, to every state, because it is the right and the justest thing for the President of the United States to be. But today we live in turbulent times with White House staff shake-ups becoming a weekly headline to distract us from the fact that the mainstream media is targeting Republicans and conservatives for standing true to our principles and supporting the president no matter what. Let Bullshit News tell you who liberals are and why they challenge the status quo of our country in order to manufacture drama and political deceit in our wonderful America.

Liberal is an ambiguous political term that has changed quite a bit in history. There are a variety of liberals, such as the Neo-liberal, the globalist liberal, socialists, closet communists, and John McCain.  For the purpose of our website, we do not mean to use the term liberal to disparage the word liberal, but to those that consistently disagree with the American definition of freedom. These liberals often pledge themselves to the Democratic Party, but the more extremist kinds join the “Green”, “Democratic Socialist”, or “Independent” parties. Many liberals tend to live in the west coast, New York, or whatever city is “trending” these days on Twitter or Instagram. Also Austin, never forget Austin or the Alamo for the record.

But what do liberals tend to believe in, when it comes to the world of politics? The antithesis of everything that America stands for. Military spending? “Slash it in half, for the school!” Abortion? “Yes, sir one for every family, provided from the government!” Supporting Israel? “Well I don’t know Mr. Strawman that’s a complex and pretty multifaceted issue to bring up you can’t possibly be totally in favor of one group of people over another”. Their rhetoric is disgusting and alarming, they don’t want a strong military, are “pro-choice” when they actually don’t want you to have a choice when it comes to having a child, and attempt to dissuade people from formulating opinions. They support censorship and thought suppression.

Liberals often preach “tolerance” in such a way they do not condemn terroristic extremist behavior, found in places such as the radical Islamic religion. It is in their ideological thinking that you cannot call out a Nazi for being a Nazi because we have to create a “safe space”. It is dangerous to assume this behavior. Suppose you go out on your date, and someone wearing Nazi paraphernalia is out in the theater, silent, while watching the trailers to their Hollywood propaganda film about superheroes. You, the rational God-fearing American, would decry the Nazi and shame him, but the liberals in their Nickelodeon 5-cent entertainment sap would tell you to “hush”, or perhaps even “Boo” you for trying to kick a Nazi out of a theater. But if you scream “Fire” in the theater, they all get scared. Those snowflakes are always scared to get burned, ironic given their political knowledge supporting the ability to fight fire with fire.

The liberals try to quell your speech by crying out “political correctness” to assess your “tolerance” and berate you so you choose to make an “improper” joke or point out something. They give you their agenda but don’t tell you why they support it, and overall liberals and the Democrat party are there to generate a terrible amount of bureaucracy and other red tape investigations or earmarks to waste hard-working lower middle-class American tax dollars. Ideally, a two party system would work together and pass bills and other legislation, such as allowing the United States military to go to war with Guatemala whenever a bipartisan deal gets done. Unfortunately today all Democrats and all other liberals do is complain and stall, budging the Republican party from accomplishing anything in Congress.

Today is a good day to remind you that although liberals claim to be “tolerant” despite the fact the Grand Ole Party freed the Slaves and started the Civil Rights Movement, they will shut down your speech before they can even rationalize about what you said, all because of saying something that is offensive or  “out of the line”. A liberal is unable to process certain critical thinking skills, which is often why you hardly see them as lawyers, judges, or a pitcher. Do not let the liberal suppress your speech, bark back at them, and remind them which party really supports the dominant social paradigm.

Don Kaftan is the founder of  He specializes in Mainstream Media Criticism, Foreign Policy, and Presidential Administrations. He enjoys his steak medium rare with a good strong IPA. Don Kaftan’s resume was rejected from Fox News, which ignited the fire for Don to start and spread his message of conservatism to everyone beyond the electromagnetic spectrum. 

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