STUDY: Incidences Of Irregular School Activity Involving Firearms DROPS In The Summer And Liberals Don’t Know Why!

Written by Dr. Steven T. Clements, Esquire

Liberals are often outraged by a handful of moments over the past couple of years when unlawful perpetrators trespassed school property with a handgun while school was in session without a permit. These sorts of events are nothing new in America and liberals love to create media panics in order to control a narrative, especially when its an election year. But the professors at Stanford University recently concluded a study of these heartbreaking incidents and found out that during the summer, no so-called “school shootings” happen! That’s not an abnormally low percent, it’s 0%, nada.

Stanford sociologist professors George Rodriguez and John Waters were dumbfounded by the results. The initial hypothesis of their study looked for the frequency of “school shootings” and their causation with how often the Gunsmoke episode “Harriet” played on television, regardless of the hour. Now you might ask how a television series that has been canceled for over forty years may be relevant to children unable to defend themselves properly in schools, but these are professors from Stanford! They know what they’re doing, believe me, I’m a doctor. They look through any and every correlation they can find over national tragedies and pop culture. In their study, the drop begins precisely on June 17th or 18th depending on the year and ZERO incidences of a firearm discharge happen until August. There is a lot of details to unpack here for the future so liberals can stop crying that they lost a child or whatever.

The mainstream media and its liberal pawns will try to tell you that our second amendment rights are worth taking and justify those lies with the idea that guns cause these “school shootings”, but what about the parents? These children can’t buy guns, unfortunately. So the children have to learn by themselves rather than a proper lesson from mom and dad. Children are curious beings that want to learn more about the world, the cruel and cold world. It’s human instinct to be properly defended and know how to protect themselves, and the failure to properly teach children to defend themselves is a weakness in our country.

Liberals and their pea-sized brains can’t understand this study, but since it’s from Stanford they know it is the truth. Children don’t die every month in school from accidental discharge upon other children, and therefore there is no causation between guns and “school shootings”. The mainstream media loves to conjure up this myth so it’s no secret that they don’t want to report his groundbreaking study. The media needs to keep earning its money be defiling President Trump at every possible moment in order to defraud his public perception. But never let the mainstream media fool you that children go to school just to die someday, the children are in school to learn, and they certainly don’t need liberals involved in their public education to act on their independent behalf.

If we can’t teach our children the dangers of this wicked world, and how to properly defend themselves from danger with a gun, then what is the purpose of education to begin with? A professor can bore you to death for an entire lecture, but if a student in the class can’t save his colleagues against a maniacal Godless Islamic Terrorist, then why bother teaching anyone anything at all? America is a county about defending our own rights, and liberals can’t defend. You don’t need the amount of schooling like I did to know that defense wins championships wars. If we have another liberal president, I will fear for this country. But for now, I know my children can be safe during summer school, with a firearm just in case the inevitable happens.
Dr. Steven Clements, Esquire is Bullshit News’s legal scholar and property management expert witness for a side-gig. He spent a long time in college and law school to be properly educated about serious subjects like tax codes and property law related subjects like privacy and water slippages. After law school, he decided he wanted to learn more about life and became a doctor in medicine. He is a lifelong member of the Federalist Society and the National Rifle Association.

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