The Nationwide Epidemic of Voter Fraud

Written by Don Kaftan, Editor-in-Chief

Liberals in our country have suspiciously expanded their political influence to gain political power. They attempt to appear the majority of the people when in reality, Democrats are the minorities in our Congress and lack any power. Democrats in recent years have begun undertaking “innovative” methods to gain more seats in the House and Senate, by means of nationwide voter fraud.

What is voter fraud? It’s a phenomenon where someone ineligible to vote, like refugees/immigrants or convicted felons, is able to anyways without repercussions. Voter fraud is also when someone impersonates an eligible voter and steals their job. Democrats are kings of voter fraud, like in the state of Virginia where they allowed convicted felons to vote for a limited time before our handy-dandy judicial system stopped them (H/T NBC29). Sleazy democrats need to find a strategy to get more votes behind their antiquated ideology.

Voter fraud can be found everywhere in America because many polling booths in our country do not ask for ID, or for a criminal background check. This is absurd, how do we prevent criminals from voting if we have a system that can let teenagers vote if they can name a dead person with a voting record? We must take measures to lessen voter impersonations and enforce tougher security to every voting booth in America. Every voter should go through a quick criminal background check before they can put their pen to the ballot. With Internets technology these days, we can program a mobile phone app that tells poll workers whether or not people in their district are frauds and crooks or real authentic American voters.

But the liberals say, “Oh, voter fraud is a victimless crime, and it hardly ever happens. Why waste federal funds to it?”. This is complete disinformation and riddled with misconceptions. Voter fraud is a crime to our democracy and to the way the government operates. If our Republic has any instance of voter fraud in an election, it will invalidate the entire system, or at the minimum, the state the crime was allowed in. Voter fraud is what led an Islamic man into our office for eight years and we’re still getting over his wrath. The government should expend federal funds to prevent illegitimate elections and foreign, mischievous interference into our Democracy. Don’t listen to the liberal misconceptions of voter fraud–it is very much real and a big epidemic in our country. We here at Bullshit News support the Presidential Administration’s effort to curb voter fraud and back them 102%.

After a 2% margin of error, of course.

Don Kaftan is the Founder of He specializes in Mainstream Media Criticism, Foreign Policy, and Presidential Administrations. He enjoys his steak medium rare with a good heady IPA. Don Kaftan was a former lecturer at Bob Jones University before getting the pink slip for “expressing his mind”.

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