The Travel Ban Is Moral And A Great First Step Towards Defending Our Land From The Godless Islamic Heathens

Written by Pastor John Mathewson

The Supreme Court returning to its judicial activism past, have decided to scale back their executive dissent over President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13769, more commonly cried out in the mainstream media as a “travel ban”. This “travel ban” prevents militant Islamists from six Middle Eastern terrorist-permitting, Sharia Law endorsing “countries”, to never walk on American soil, or they will suffer the consequences. These lawless lands are no less of a “country” then they are a lawless hellhole. We should all be supporting Donald Trump as he is keeping a promise to make America safer from terrorist attacks, unlike our phony neocon Bush and his Obama lackey.

I have talked to God today about the safety of this country, as I worry that the radical liberals and antifas will try to burn the White House down with Trump inside it. I pray to God daily for his wholesome advice on what to do when the liberals will take our guns under Pelosi’s guidance. But I would rather worry about the liberals then the terrorists, even if their goals are mutually comparable. The travel ban will put terrorist activities and plans to America at a halt, but OF COURSE, the liberals are trying to overturn this ban because they need terrorists to come into our country and vote for them. Typical democrat plot.

In any case, the travel ban is justified, Jesus didn’t want those barbaric Romans to crucify him and wanted to ban them from coming to Bethlehem. Donald is just taking a page from the good book and making it American foreign policy. We should all be celebrating this travel ban with a nice large ham for dinner. We won’t have to worry about radical Islam hurting our children in the local playgrounds with knives, bombs, truck ever again.

Pastor John Mathewson is Bullshit News’s go-to Pastor and Religion Correspondent. He accepts people from every denomination and religion into his church, including Muslims, excluding Jews. He has a golden retriever he loves and adores named “

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