CUM Might Be Our Best Shot Against Antifa

Written By Don Kaftan, Editor-in-Chief

America is under attack by a variety of enemies each day. Not only do the Godless Islamic Barbarbian Heathens From Hell attack America from the outside, but America is constantly under attack by Antifa and other leftist radicals on the inside. There is a good reason Congress focuses on upgrading our defensive spending every fiscal quarter until terrorism is permanently eliminated from our global conscience. But until then, the fight against international and national terrorism is a battle of wits and maintaining the status quo.

Antifa, as we are aware, actively oppose societal norms and want to infect America to a nation of communism. Fortunately, it appears that Antifa may finally be fracturing. A new insurgent group within Antifa, the Communists Under Mutiny, or CUM for short, has splintered off Antifa and has established themselves as a fifth column. CUM formed as a reactionary group within a reactionary group due to a difference of philosophy. Some say the founders of CUM saw the light of Jesus and realized capitalism is the only way to live inside an unethical world full of socialism, while other members of CUM splintered off from Antifa due to the so-called “dirtbag left”, perhaps another splinter group inside the massively influential terrorist, fascist left. Their motives are unknown at this time.

Communists Under Mutiny, lead by their leader John Mackie, are open to right-wing ideas, otherwise known as intellectualism. Unlike their Antifa brethren, they support a free market, closed borders, and are open to Trump and Republican Party ideas, values, and ethics. Unlike their radical ancestors, CUM understands the need for bipartisanship while also acknowledging the Democratic Party is failing to work properly and is becoming a useless hull and burden on the American people. Perhaps CUM will be a force to reckon with inside the Democratic Party for years to come.

However defeating Antifa is not going to happen in one day. Rome may have fallen in one day to Istanbul Constantinople, but ideologies are difficult to kill. Especially murderous ideologies sympathetic to terrorist causes. Antifa has various strongholds across America, such as South Detroit and Puerto Rico, where they plan their latest rallies and burn American flags while they hymn Grateful Dead music with the hip hop. They want to change American culture and turn it into a pro-terrorist, anti-wealth and anti-conformist America. If any Antifa goons were to take a seat in the House, we could easily be one step closer to the end of the United States of America as we know it.

But sure, some Antifa-apologists will say that Antifa is nothing more than a bunch of hippies that want to wave their own flag. But that is the problem: that sense of anti-America non-conformism is a threat on our own very liberties. Antifa is pro-birth control, so they are anti-family. Antifa is anti-capitalist, and should they ever deal with the treasury or Federal Reserve we will be doomed as a nation. They don’t believe in money or reasonable healthcare access, they will drive the country to a grave faster than any Democrat with more fervor than the Barack Obama regime.

In any event, it’s beautiful to see CUM form from Antifa as radical groups battle it out to try and fight a real, strongly created ideology like conservatism. May CUM and Antifa battle each other while we can cheer from our high moral ground that conservatism will win at the end of the day. As long as CUM succeeds in its goals, Antifa will be threatened and maybe one day, disband for good. Until then, we must fund CUM and ensure their success as a new right-wing movement. Hopefully CUM may reign down upon America, so long as they maintain and keep their clean-cut conservative image of authority.

Don Kaftan is the founder of  He specializes in Mainstream Media Criticism, Foreign Policy, and Presidential Administrations. Don Kaftan’s resume was rejected from Fox News, which ignited the fire for Don to start and spread his message of conservatism to everyone beyond the electromagnetic spectrum. 

The Twisted Leftist Invention Of White Privilege

Written By Dr. Steven Clements, Esquire

When I try to indulge myself in initiating a debate against a socialist loser, they often lose their arguments and go out of their way to insulting me for being a White American male. They define this insult as “white privilege”, or saying that because I’ve been in an American society far longer then they (appear to) have, then I need to check my so-called “privilege”. While I chuckled to myself that they could not muster an intellectual argument against me, I noticed something. This is actually how the liberal mentality works: if they run out of ways to support their ideology, then they decry to their opponent that his life is somehow easier to live then as an African-American. Liberals, experts in refuting logic, have gone into total non-sequitur bonkers from the election of President Donald Trump and still refuse to face reality. This has given a rise of the “white privilege” argument, or how conservatives are demonized for being who they are and supporting their president like any good American does.

Let us debunk the “white privilege” movement. Being white is just one of the many races you can be in America, and you are no different from any other American if you’re not white. There are Hispanic Americans and even Asian American that exist within the United States. Everyone in America is equally privileged because they are living in America equally. The idea that one race is “better” or more privileged than the other is ludicrous. The more people think of this “white privilege”, the more liberals feel empowered to take down conservatives. That cannot happen. Liberals cannot fight with their hands because they are vegetarian, or God forbid a “vegan”. They are too weak to run for president competently and have to rely on little old ladies like Hillary “I committed treason in Benghazi” Clinton or the old and rusty socialist Eugene V. Debs for president. Democrats cannot find a youthful, exuberant and energetic president like Republicans do, which explains why they lose elections. Their arguments self-destruct halfway through (seeing them break down into inferior emotions is always good for a laugh) and then they get to the white privilege mode.

Such “…but your white privilege” liberals are claiming a “holier than thou” moment because they might have a black friend or three, which is such a racist way of going around a logical argument. Thanks to Donald Trump’s racism ban, liberals cannot follow this logic anymore or face a steep prison sentence. Some internet denizens call these people “social justice warriors” but they are only one of those three words: social. They do not seek justice because they want to throw the president, a man above the law, into prison for talking to Putin maybe one or two dozen times. They are not warriors because they are Democrats, and do not play for the Golden State Warriors basketball team. They are definitely social, but not often in a positive light.

“White privilege” is a tool to demonize the “people of color” (IE: Non-whites) to make them feel like they cannot achieve the same liberties as white Americans can. While this could be true maybe one hundred years ago or so, but since racism is over and has been for under a month or so, we do not need to worry about this pseudo-argument anymore. It’s now racist to bring up white privilege because it implies white people are better than non-white Americans.  Everyone is back on an even playing field again, not having to worry about the color of their skin for some affirmative action policies for a job or college. We are all Americans, and that’s what matters the most in our lives.

Trust me, I’m a doctor and a lawyer.

Dr. Steven Clements, Esquire is Bullshit News’s legal scholar and property management expert witness for a side-gig. He spent a long time in college and law school to be properly educated about serious subjects like tax codes and property law related subjects like privacy. After law school, he decided he wanted to learn more about life and became a doctor. He is a lifelong member of the Federalist Society and the National Rifle Association.