Brett Kavanaugh, Fighting Immorberal Liberal Activists, Is Confirmed To The Supreme Court

Written by Don Kaftan

We here at Bullshit News are still rejoicing over the fact that Brett Kavanaugh, the righteous underdog of Supreme Court appointees, who many of the deplorable Democraps sought to deny his birthright God-given right to be a Supreme Court Justice, won his “case” anyhow. The vicious gaslighters of the left arranged many USSR- styled propaganda tactics to garner the public to oppose his confirmation because of a few bad apples on a mostly flawless, 3.84 GPA in his law career. The feminists said he was a “bad character” and a sexual deviant and/or miscreant using loaded words and hearsay stories from childhood. Globalists deemed him “unfit to rule”, which if true, meant Kavanaugh would not be appointed to begin with, which makes little sense.

Now all the liberals can do is swallow their pride and their uncanny ability to defy law and order with judicial activism is less powerful than it ever has been in history. This is Donald Trump’s biggest win in his presidency, more so then curing Puerto Rico of its hurricane issue (in record timing, better than Bush or Obama) or becoming the first president since Andrew Jackson to solve America’s tax woes by any means necessary. This victory alone will last decades, maybe even multiple lifetimes, a new true hallmark on President Trump’s track record.

Aside from President Trump’s successes, Brett Kavanaugh represents an end to the judicial activist tyranny that was imposed on the court since FDR decided to appoint his own justices without the consent of Republican senators of their time. The last of FDR’s appointees, Anthony Kennedy, died of swine flu while out farming during the High Court’s recess. His vacancy was quickly filled despite paid protestors trying to talk down the public (via CNN and MSNBC) by suggesting that Brett Kavanaugh is an immoral man. While he may be Catholic, there is little that is immoral about the man. I’ve met Brett Kavanaugh quite a couple of times, mostly through William F. Buckley’s social functions in the 1990’s, and I can confirm that his character is higher than his BAC intake at those parties. It’s amazing how much someone who can drink almost half a keg can still recite the entire Dred Scott decision and how beneficial it was to America’s economy at the time.

I know after retelling that story that the television media will find a new way to slain Brett Kavanaugh’s name, but just because the man loves his beer doesn’t mean that he should be forced to step down. He’s just expressing his support for the 21st Amendment, which was created because of the Democrat Party’s opposition to beer in the early 1900’s. Brett has always liked his beer, but from his days at Yale and DKE, he knows how to moderate his alcohol intake. He would never put or use someone’s life because of him possibly being drunk. I can attest to his character that he drinks like a Russian, with vodka running down his veins while retaining his clarity and ability to behave appropriately. It’s important to note that he doesn’t drink all the time, and absolutely would not on the job. He may not be Antonin Scalia, but he is Brett Kavanaugh. His job is to carve his own legacy onto the court, and he has plenty of time to do so.

The confirmation of Kavanaugh has put liberals into a frenzy just before the midterm season. Their disillusionment and cynicism have jumped up in perfect timing. Their optimism over these midterms was their sole rally cry to their base, and as long as their mood is muted, Republicans across America will not have to worry about liberal fascism come election day. The timing of Kavanaugh’s confirmation could not have gone any less perfect. Now is the time to see how Brett Kavanaugh and his near flawless character will handle some of the countries most pressing concerns regarding immigration, economics, and illegal liberal activism.

Don Kaftan is the founder of  He specializes in Mainstream Media Criticism, Foreign Policy, and Presidential Administrations. Don Kaftan was mentioned on William F. Buckley’s deathbed as future conservatives that speak the most truth to power. Don considers this to be the highest honor in the world after being married to his wife and being born into this world by the grace of God. He is as much of a patriot for America as liberals consistently whine about it.

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