President Trump Considers Selling Alaska Back To Russia

Written by Pavel Shostakovich

Citing a large national debt problem and insufficient need for a state that cannot be accessed by a highway, President Trump has considered removing Alaska from the Union. This would be highly beneficial to the Union of the States United, as Alaska is a liberal state surrounded by Canada: a land of ice and French hippies. Selling Alaska back to Russia would give America a very high return of investment, and we know how much Donald Trump loves ending deficits in the State of America!

Alaska is a liberal state that is closer to Russia and the Russians than a common American Apple Pie and Empire State Building. They vote at end of election, not beginning, meaning they are a waste of voters and space for natural minerals, unmined from the Carter Administration. Imagine all the oil America could use instead of sucking it up from a straw in the Middle East. “Now that is a spicy meat-a-ball!”

It is no secret that the previous string of presidents up to Ronald Reagan was involved in giving America a giant debt with a spending deficit in order to create political problems when they otherwise had none in the 18th-19th and most of the 20th century. The territory of Alaska was manufactured in 1867 when Russia was in a similar situation like America today, in debt and need of profit. Alaska “officially” entered statehood in  It is tables have turned time. It is not like Alaska is going for good use, it’s no Hawaii or Arizona.

Besides, Alaska is always cold. It is useless for tourism and other business ventures. People have Seaworlds all over America, what could make Alaska SeaWorld more special? Glaciers? A “Meet the Titanic”? Please. Alaska is backward like The Ukraine. Canada did not bother to even invade the territory, hence its existence. America can expand its borders in more financially relevant areas, like Syria. Alaska makes no sense and the USSR is no longer in operation to worry about any longer. America’s debt is huge, and big sacrifices need to be made for the glorious benefit of a continual existence of the United States of America. It is through this country that I achieved the American Dream and do not have to hear my door every night to make sure KGB doesn’t hear. In America, you only worry about paying landlord on time, and taxes. It is more peaceful, although taxes are just as unpleasant.

At the time of this article, the United States debt stands at $21,222,747,669,999. There might be interest rates as well, adding on to that number I cannot pronounce. Selling off Alaska, which gives America only a mere $49,120,000,000 in GDP, can be sold for much more than that amount of billions. While selling Alaska will not completely erase America’s debt, it sure does a much better job than the Obama Administration’s failed efforts to conquer the problem. America will always find a 50th state somewhere in the world in order to save money on not ordering new American flags for everyone. The Dakotas could merge, Guam can enter statehood, or Mexico can concede more land. Regardless, alleviating the national debt is better than not doing so.

Russia has strong interest in re-acquiring Alaska, and they look to be big spenders. President Trump has always made it his dream since he was a little lad to end America’s deficit problems and Russia can help make Donald Trump have a superstar-like legacy as president if he cures America’s biggest problem. President Trump knows what the right thing to do, and perhaps it is better to start selling off some assets to solve a seemingly improbable situation rather than initiate a trade war with some inferior and weaker country like Albania or whatever.

Pavel Shostakovich is Bullshit News’ newest correspondent reporting on Russian and European Affairs. He is a naturalized American citizen whose parents escaped Communist tyranny in Russia, AND NOT BELARUS. Pavel studied political science at the Universty of Pennslyvania and is a member of the Federalist Society. 

We Desperately Need To Give More Money To The Military

Written by Sgt. Louie Gates II

Democrats often talk about the desire to cut our military/defense budget to “curb government excess”, but what they really mean is that they want America’s borders to implode. They complain and cry about the so-called “military-industrial complex”, but that’s a secret message being sent to our enemies, desperately calling for 9/11 to happen again. Liberals want to give them a free parking spot. The only people that can stop those crazy liberals is our military.

America is under constant threat not just from the USSR, but from liberal terrorists that lurk on social media threatening to end America and something about a fictional federal agency called ICE. Their opinions are as harmless as their wallets, which is a problem for our Air Force to develop new fighter jets to kill enemies quicker. The military needs every dollar it can get, and desperate times call for desperate measures. I have an unnamed source high-up in the Marines that they might have to host a telethon on Fox News within the next 16-24 months because the military isn’t quite getting the amount of money they need to operate 100%.

This isn’t a time for libraries people, it’s time for our nation’s borders to be stronger than Afghanistan! France might have “won” a world cup, but have they won a real war? Has France proven to the world that people should fear their democracy and their right? France has not been a good ally to us for over two hundred years. How can we trust our so-called allies to help us in time of need? And never forget the threat that is North Korea and their evil nuclear intentions. Any cut to our military budget will only benefit Kim Jong-Un and Iran in their plot to destroy America and raze your hometown.

There are other ways for the military to raise money without the assistance of public broadcasting from viewers like you. We can invade a country that no other country in the world would sanction us over, like Albania. Albania is a small country located in the Adriatic Sea that could be outgunned by just our Navy and Marines. We wouldn’t even need feet on the ground for this small operation, unlike Vietnam. Albania would be our Puerto Rico for Europe. But since Europe is an unstable continent, we’re probably better off giving that territory to Russia instead.

Sadly wars are too controversial to be promoted in Congress. To do so would require, you guessed it, more budget for our military. Liberals smear this psychological thought-process as “propaganda”, but that’s what the Russians do. And we’re not the Russians you ne’er-do-weel liberal, we are the United States of America. We will match our words with our weapons, and with the golden mouth of President Donald Trump, we can show the world our true potential that we have been building up. But we’re not done building our military just yet, because we need more money.

Do what you can to the United States Army, run a bake sale in your local community, start up a lemonade stand by the gun range, or even invent a start-up and move to San Francisco and invade the liberals from where they breed. Switch the budget for “music education” for a new aircraft carrier. You can never feel too safe in this dark and scary world.

Did you know the American army has a branch called the “Coast Guard”? They defend our coasts so that the Navy can focus on making pinging noises in their submarines. They are the second smallest branch after America’s newest military branch, the Space Force. The Space Force will defend America from the third dimension: Space. The Air Force can only defend the skies to such a limited degree so the Space Force can defend America’s borders from the top down. It’s just simple Reaganomics.

Don’t worry kids, the military is there to make sure you sleep peacefully, and proudly, at night. You don’t need music education, you need protection. Donald Trump, hear my plea: fund the military, or we will bleed.

Sgt. Louie Gates II is Bullshit News’ correspondent on national security and military issues. He owns five Rottweilers and is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. He is faithful to his wife LaShawnda Gates and has two daughters. He served in the military many times on multiple tours and received a purple heart for his valiant efforts to protect our country.

Condoms In Class: Why Democrats Want Children To Start Breeding In Elementary School

Written by Mortimer E. Wallecaster

I remember when I first fornicated with my soon-to-be first wife at the proper age of “16”. Back then, in 1929, you had to earn your wife the hard way: through depression and hard labor. Not much has changed since, although I’ve moved on to four other wives from there. The Barack Obama Administration was responsible for dispensing condoms to kindergarteners in an effort to promote “safe sex”. Liberals love “safe sex”, a buzzword for allowing the queers to engage in the intercourse “with protection”. But it is a total sham! The only safe sex is in a marriage curated by God or Jesus of Nazareth himself with a MAN and a WOMAN.

But this article is not about marriage and its commonly-shared traditional definition. Ever since the Obama Administration gave away condoms to every kindergarten and grade school across our 47 states, the young children began to engage in having sexual intercourse more frequently than ever, and it’s all a Democratic Party plot to garner more voters. But Democrats always live in an alternate reality where they think the rules of law and history don’t apply to their wacky beliefs. Sure, the amount of children will rise in 20ish years when they are able to vote, but can they live that long? Will they know how to vote? Can they even be successful in American society? And more importantly, are they legal American citizens? We know that there are billions of illegal immigrants all across this beautiful country, and the Obama regime is there to blame. That is why the children are breeding in schools, especially with their mothers being able to hold more than one child per year.

We are witnessing a moral degradation in our society when the children are having children. The liberals want their Woodstock to never end with their “free love” and “safe sex” devilish Jazz music. It used to be easier in life when abortion was outlawed and everybody didn’t have to invent anxiety as an excuse for not getting any. Men were men, and women were classy and didn’t reveal their knees in public so often! Now children will get their super handheld computer-phone as soon as they become a parent by the time they graduate elementary school. Only liberals would permit this, and thankfully the Donald Trump administration will bring back decency to our public schools that urgently need it.

The only way you can have “safe sex” is when you want to have children. Venereal diseases are designated for non-normative sexual couples and for anyone who puts “IT” up the bum. Poop will give you any disease when you come into contact with it, and the people who engage in this (should go without saying they are Democratic Party members) are sick and depraved. These people don’t enjoy life, they’re doing the drugs and otherwise not behaving to social order! These same people want to bring an end to the United States of America and bring in socialism and USSR-like fantasies into life!

Condoms in the classroom are merely just the beginning for the Democratic Party’s feeble-minded effort to garner more voters and attempt to overthrow President Trump’s administration. The liberals are so sick and depraved to waste what could be millions of billions of childhoods and double or quintuple the poverty rate just to get more rapport from their dormant and neglected base. The illegal immigrants, condoms, national debt, and foreign policy neglect that the Barack Obama regime has left Donald Trump with a lot of work to do. Thankfully conservatives have hired the best man for the presidency that is renowned for his decency standards for all children.

Mortimer E. Wallacaster is the Bullshit News correspondent on history and contemporary cultural matters. He is a retired risk analyst from Goldman Sachs, and is loving retirement and every minute of it! Born under a full moon on June 26th, 1913, Mortimer has lived through two World Wars, and the Middle East thing that’s been happening over the years. Mortimer was once a minor league pitcher for the Boston Beaneaters and threw 47 complete games in a month allowing only nine earned runs.

Bringing Back Law To The Land: President Trump Nominates “Righteous” Brett Kavanaugh For Supreme Court Justice

Written By Sarah Napoli

With the recent departure of the liberally-biased Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy: the sole Kennedy that lived, away from the Supreme Court, we have reached another great triumph in American conservative history. We have reached the pivotal point where the Supreme Court can finally be properly conservative, without evil liberal judicial activism causing all the women to enjoy abortions and birth control mechanisms that Jesus Christ condemns. Anthony Kennedy decided to retire once he wanted to get on with his life and invest in insurance companies and/or the Revolving Door Enterprises. To replace his repulsive liberal beliefs, President Trump has tapped Brett “Among The Righteous” Kavanaugh, a Circuit Judge from the Court of Appeals in Living Liberal Hellhole that is Washington DC. Kavanaugh is a strong tough-minded conservative that will turn the Supreme Court’s judicial activism back to normal law and order conservatism.

Liberals, as usual, are outraged by the fact a Supreme Court justice can retire, especially from one of their own. They will do everything they can to filibuster this process, as they did with the Merrick Garland case. Liberals have a real fear of the law and how it works, which is normally why conservatives are the ones who are lawyers and deal with the legal process. The legal process requires a sophisticated understanding of the English language and logic, both requirements that liberals are phasing out in a dumbfounded effort to earn more voters. But if you don’t know how the law works (like our billions of illegal immigrants jumping through the border), you will lose to the courts every time.

Brett Kavanaugh’s eventual confirmation will be one of the biggest wins by Donald Trump’s new and greated-again America. The courts will never be hounded by said judicial activism, or how Supreme Court nominees that aren’t conservative don’t hide their liberal (that Catholic woman), socialist (Elena Kagan) and closet communists (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) biases of the law. The law has one focus: conservatism, and to deny that is to say that the law is not fair. The law is fair, that’s why it slants conservatism, but when the Marxists gain control of the court system, they’ll try to destroy everything else in the way of law and order, which leads to blood and soil.

Law is slowly being restored to our formerly glorious and currently glorious country. America is becoming greater again, and we can thank the old liberal gadfly Anthony Kennedy for deciding to quit now, rather than over twenty-five years ago. Kavanaugh is a righteous man with a pocket-sized bible on one hand and the entire US Code in the other. His extremely in-depth knowledge about how the law works and stuff will be vital for the Supreme Court to be updated for well into the 21st century. A young noble conservative is exactly what an old and senile court, in charge of the most important decisions not to be given to politicians or energy executives, needs.

Brett Kavanaugh will never be an Antonin Scalia, but he can be our next conservative Godfather to restore rationality to its home.

Sarah Napoli is the Women’s Issues (or lack thereof) Correspondent of Bullshit News. Sarah is outside of normal sexual orientation and enjoys young adult fiction novels. Sarah does not want children but considers herself a “dog mom”, taking care of a young poodle (which is really a Schnauzer but don’t tell her that) she named “Eddie”. Sarah does not like coffee or tea, which are foreign inventions created to poison the bright minds of Americans.